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Hello guys!

This blog was built to give a chance to all statues collectors to see pictures “live” of many products.

I thought that someone maybe haven’t seen a  live view of the “long time dreamed statue”, cuz many many statues of many many producers are around us and so it’s impossible to see everything without goin’ on a dedicated forum and see all the collections.

For this reason I’ll post in this blog my personal statues collection (divided into categories to facilitate searching), with live pics to let you see more closer their quality, their imperfections and, first of all, without “photoshop effects” that alter the perception of what we are seeing…so please don’t ask “Can you show me pics about….”, cuz if I haven’t it…I can’t. 😉

All comments, interactions are welcome.

I hope to do an appreciated thing.

2 responses

  1. Nice to see these straightforward shots Matthew. Thank you for sharing. Great name for your site. Are you a Lovecraft fan too?

    06/03/2012 at 15:50

    • Thank you Nitefall!! That’s the way to start something : the word of mouth! 🙂
      I’m happy to help you all, sharing what I’ve photographed…and believe me : many many statues have to come..just I have to dedicate time on it.. 🙂
      But you can see that many posts every day from the day I’ve opened this blog till today.

      Lovecraft? I know and I like him, but I’m not a big fan…are you?

      06/03/2012 at 18:03

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