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Self-Portrait Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse Figurine

Made of : resin

Size : 7.5” H (190 mm) x 6.63” (168 mm) Square

Availability : hard to find

With flash…


Wil Coyote Statue

Limited to : /

Size : 17″ H (430 mm)

Availability : hard to find

to compare..

Popeye and Olive Statue

Limited to : /

Size : 15.75″ (400 mm)

Availability : hard to find

To compare sizes : a bottle of 1,5 LT of water.

Joker Holding Skull Full Size Statue

Limited to : 4650 pcs

Size : over 13″ tall (330 mm)

Availability : rare

Sculpted by : William Paquette in 1995


Hello my name’s Matthew, I’m italian and I’m a big Joker’s fan.

This blog was built to give a chance to all statues collectors to see pictures “live” of many products.

I thought that someone maybe haven’t seen a  live view of the “long time dreamed statue”, cuz many many statues of many many producers are around us and so it’s impossible to see everything without goin’ on a dedicated forum and see all the collections.

For this reason I’ll post in this blog my personal statues collection (divided into categories to facilitate searching), with live pics to let you see more closer their quality, their imperfections and, first of all, without “photoshop effects” that alter the perception of what we are seeing…so please don’t ask “Can you show me pics about….”, cuz if I haven’t it…I can’t. 😉

Every comment, interaction are welcome.

I hope to do an appreciated thing.