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Pinocchio : Pool Table Scene

Made of : porcelain

Details : 4 piece set (sold separately)

Sizes :

Jiminy Cricket :  “It Wouldn’t Hurt You to Take Orders From Your Conscience!” – 1.75″ H (40 mm)

Pinocchio : “He’s My Conscience” – 4″ H (102 mm)

Lampwick: “Screwball in the Corner Pocket” – 6.63″ H (168 mm)

Pool Table Base : 3.4″ H (86 mm) x 10″ L (254 mm) x 7.5″ W (190 mm)

Status : retired

Availability : hard to find

More : every piece comes with Certificate of Autenticity (COA)


Jiminy is really really small…this is the reason cuz it’s not “perfect” as we remind..but it’s equally amazing!

What did I tell? It’s really small..and the COA also is smaller than the other ones.. 😀

2 responses

  1. Frankie

    Hello still for sale ?

    10/02/2014 at 23:50

    • Hi Frankie! Sorry for the misunderstanding : all items in this blog are from my personal collection and they aren’t for sale.. As everyone I sell something sometimes on ebay..but however is impossible for me to sell WDCC pieces.. 😉 I think you can understand me..
      Thank you! 😉

      11/02/2014 at 02:20

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